COMING  JULY 17, 2015


It's been 16 years since Mouse Tales author David Koenig's last all-new book about the Happiest Place on Earth. This summer, he's back — only to discover that a lot has changed since his last backstage peek. The lawyers have taken over.

Based on exclusive interviews and nearly 1,300 lawsuits filed against the Mouse, The People v. Disneyland reveals how Walt's wonderland has been remade into a very different place.

Meet flamboyant new characters and get to know a few favorites a little better, including the witness stand Winnie the Pooh, the fast-fingered Little Pig, and the guy who tried to ride Space Mountain standing up. Tried.

It's Koenig's most thrilling, eye-opening book yet.


RELEASE DATE:  July 17, 2015




AND COMING THIS FALL: Stay tuned for additional theme park titles and, for readers who enjoyed our most recent release, Danny Kaye: King of Jesters, a new backstage history of one of Hollywood's greatest comedy teams.


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