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Randy Skretvedt's Laurel & Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies is now available in a limited ULTIMATE EDITION, an oversized coffee table feast featuring 632 glossy pages and 1,000 rare photos.


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David Koenig's latest Disney tell-all is The People v. Disneyland: How Lawsuits & Lawyers Transformed the Magic based on exclusive interviews and nearly 1,300 lawsuits filed against the Mouse.

More Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland

By David Koenig


240 pages  •  10 Photographs

Paperback •  ISBN:   0-9640605-6-6
Retail Price:  $15.95


Hardcover  •  ISBN:  0-9640605-7-4
Retail Price:   $24.95    


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From the author of the best-selling Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland comes the long-awaited sequel: More Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland.

As author David Koenig's first book illustrated, Disneyland - try as it might - doesn't always live up to its slogan as the Happiest Place on Earth. But in the last five years, the exceptions have become even more frequent. Despite the theme park's high profitability, management continues to make serious cutbacks in everything from staffing to maintenance, resulting in a less spectacular, less unique and, tragically, more dangerous environment.

Exhaustive research and exclusive interviews with over 100 Disney insiders reveal how the park has changed from Uncle Walt's family business into a machine that seems to care only about making money. Not about employee satisfaction. Not about guest satisfaction. And perhaps, allege those in the know, not even about safety.

Yet visitors also are to blame for many of the un-Disney-like occurrences at Disneyland. Each day, park security catches guests committing all kinds of crimes, from shoplifting to violence - even stalking cast members. Other times, visitors place themselves at risk on attractions by ignoring warning signs.

The employees aren't always on their best behavior, either. Over the years, the park has employed sex-crazed actors as Mickey Mouse and Snow White's Seven Dwarfs, cast members who steal the coins out of the castle wishing well, and pranksters who make their final day on the job a hilariously memorable one.

And sometimes the Disneyland "show" breaks down. Animatronic figures malfunction, boats sink, pack mules and streetcar horses deviate from their prescribed routes.

Featured are several rare photographs and an insightful foreword by Van Arsdale France, founder and professor emeritus of the park's in-house training department, the Disney University, and co-founder of the Disneyland Alumni Club.

Delve even deeper behind the scenes at the Magic Kingdom with More Mouse Tales.


"David Koenig's look at the fantasyland that is Disneyland gives readers a peek at what really happens within the Anaheim theme park...Koenig's book is more than just tales. He explains how Disneyland is a city within itself, with its cast member-citizens, executive-politicians and even its own security force...At the same time, Koenig stuffs the book with wonderful anecdotes that will entertain anyone who has ever visited Disneyland or worked there. He covers everything from how Pirates of the Caribbean was first envisioned as a walk-through attraction to the tale of a maniacal annual pass holder who took it upon herself to use her electronic wheelchair to 'protect' Mickey Mouse from perceived threats...This second installment in his Mouse Tales series makes for a quick and entertaining read about one of America's most famous cultural icons."
- Jerry Hirsch (The Orange County Register)

"The sequel to Mouse Tales is another behind-the-scenes look at Disneyland, full of much declared love for Disney ethos. Little boxed features contain 'tales of tourists gone on mental vacations'--an abundant source of humor--and affection permeates much of the rest."
- Mike Tribby (Booklist)

"Money is at the heart of Disneyland and many times changes in staff and procedure have been based on this bottom line. No part of the book presents a mean spirit of anti-Disney. The stories ring true. Many of them are fun to know. The reader might understand a little more about the operation of a theme park as large as this one where everyone expects nothing but magic and some of them leave their manners at home."
- Rainbow Electronic Reviews

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